Adding Bokashi One Waste to a Worm Farm

While the Bokashi One waste is great buried under the soil, we understand that this is not always practical, adding the waste another composting systems can be a good solution. I have excellent results adding Bokashi One Waste to a worm farm. It is always a good ideal to follow the instructions that come with your worm farm, here is what I do …

  • Locate the worm farm in a shady spot, away from direct sunlight. Under an overhang, on a porch or balcony, or under a tree, are great locations.
  • Ensure the Bokashi One waste is well drained, Bokashi One Juice is very acidic, and may burn the worms.
  • Add Bokashi One Waste to the top layer of the worm farm, with a small amount of soil.
  • Worms need oxygen, aerate the waste with a small garden tool
  • Replace a damp worm-blanket on top of the waste to maintain moisture, and to keep it cool and dark.
  • Replace lid securely

When first starting to add Bokashi One waste to a worm farm, do so gradually. Initially add a couple of cups of waste with a bit of soil, increase the amount of waste added with the increase of worms. If you add too much waste at once the waste can restrict airflow. My worm farm has been in production for almost 3 years, the only waste added is Bokashi One Waste, the worms love it. I can now add about 6 litres of waste at one time. This video shows me adding Bokashi One Waste to my worm farm. I will add another video next week so you can see the progress, Happy Composting!

Day 8
  • I lifted the lid and worm-blanket to look at the waste that we added last week, there are lots of worms throughout the waste and a lot of the waste has be consumed
  • I aerated the waste a bit, by moving it around with a small spade
  • I Checked the worm-blanket to see if it needs to be dampened or replaced
  • I Replaced the lid
  • As I did not have much bokashi waste I decided not to add any waste this week, next week we will have another look and definitely add some more waste ….

Day 15
  • Today we added a lot of Bokashi One Waste to the worm farm. We aerated the waste.
  • Due to significant rain in the last week the worm blanket was damp and did not need any additional moisture.

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