Bokashi One

Do you need two Bokashi buckets?

Answer – Opting for two-buckets has some advantages.  The primary benefit lies in the convenience it offers … more 

What can i compost in a bokashi bucket

Almost all food waste can be composted with Bokashi One, including meat, fish ... more

What can I do with bokashi waste if I dont have a garden

Composting with bokashi maybe the ideal solutions for apartment dwellers and those living with very small or no garden space ... more

What are Bokashi Bucket Made of

All our composter have a proportion of post consumer recycled plastic ...

How does Bokashi One Work?

The Bokashi One Composting System is a ... more


Can you add kitty litter to an ensopet

Yes - kitty litter made from natural sources can be composted ... more

Can you add Compostable Bags to an EnsoPet? 

We recommend avoiding the use of compostable bags in your EnsoPet, as they restrict air flow and slow down the composting process …more 

How to Relocate a EnsoPet Composter

It is often never necessary to relocate an EnsoPet, however if you need to here are some helpful hints ... more

How Does EnsoPet Work?

EnsoPet is an ingenious in-ground composting ... more

EnsoEarth - Good Grow

What is Good Grow?

EnsoEarth - Good Grow is not just your average garden tonic ... more


What is a EnsoRator

The EnsoRator is a spiral compost aerator with many uses. Of course it is excellent at aerating compost, it can be used to create holes for new planting, pulling out weeds and extracting compost. The EnsoRator was designed especially to use with the EnsoPet.