How to Relocate an EnsoPet

Before moving the EnsoPet, empty its contents. This will make it lighter and easier to handle. If the compost is ready for use, you can distribute it in your garden or on your plants.

Remove Any Remaining Contents:


Make sure the EnsoPet is completely empty, and there are no lingering compost materials.

Dig Around the Composter:


Use a shovel or garden tool to dig around the EnsoPet. This will loosen the soil and make it easier to lift.

Lift the Composter:


Carefully lift the EnsoPet from its current location. Depending on the size, you may need help or specialized equipment.

Transport to the New Location:


Carry or transport the EnsoPet to its new location. Be cautious not to damage the composter or disturb its contents during the move.

Reinstall in the New Location:


Dig a hole in the new location to accommodate the EnsoPet. Lower the composter into the hole, ensuring it sits securely and is level.

Refill and Restart:


If you had removed the compost, you can now refill the EnsoPet with fresh organic waste. If there was still usable compost, you can spread it in the new location or save it for use elsewhere.

Monitor and Maintain:


Keep an eye on the EnsoPet in its new location. Ensure that it continues to receive organic waste and maintain the proper conditions for composting.

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