About Bokashi Composting Australia

Our Roots

Bokashi Composting Australia is a proudly Australian-owned company, established in 2004. We take pride in manufacturing both Bokashi One Mix and EnsoPet Starter in Port Kembla, NSW. Our journey began when Maree O’Malley founded the company after experiencing the wonders of bokashi composting while visiting in New Zealand.

Our Founder’s Vision

Impressed by the principles, convenience, and philosophy of bokashi composting, Maree was eager to bring this eco-friendly solution to Australia. When she couldn’t find it locally, she decided to take matters into her own hands, establishing Bokashi Composting Australia.

A Growing Passion

Maree threw herself into bokashi composting working from her home in inner-western Sydney and juggled the new business with a full-time career. Maree made her bokashi mix in a sandpit in her backyard, drying it under the sun on a tarp – a tricky task on a windy day! She travelled to New Zealand to learn about bokashi composting and explored its applications in farming and agriculture in Townsville, Queensland.

Turning Passion into a Sustainable Business

It soon became clear that there was a real demand for bokashi in Australia and “Bokashi One” was born”. Maree made the leap from part-time engagement to full-time commitment, securing a dedicated workspace in Marrickville for production. In 2018, Bokashi Composting Australia relocated to Port Kembla, NSW and now employing a team of eight. While the sandpit is a distant memory, Maree’s unwavering dedication keeps her at the forefront of Bokashi Composting Australia, earning her respect as a leading bokashi expert, serving customers nationwide.

Innovation for Sustainability

Maree’s awareness of the pressing need for an environmentally responsible method to handle pet waste grew over time. Composting with micro-organisms seemed an obvious solution. Through further research and exploration, the innovative concept of EnsoPet was conceived, a new and original idea for composting pet waste using an inground composter and specifically formatted bokashi mix, “EnsoPet Starter”. EnsoEarth Good Grow, a probiotic plant tonic, packed with the same beneficial microbes as in our mixtures, is the latest addition to our range

Our Community

We take immense pride in distributing our exceptional gardening products and composting systems, brimming with beneficial microorganisms, to a wide spectrum of customers, all over Australia. We supply retailers, corporate partners, educational institutions, local councils, and eco-conscious individuals for use in their own homes

Join Us on Our Journey

At Bokashi Composting Australia, composting is our passion, and we’re dedicated to sharing our knowledge and experience to encourage sustainable practices. Join us on our mission to make a positive impact on Australia’s environmental landscape.

We invite you to explore our gardening products, composting systems, and the innovative solutions that empower individuals and organisations to make a differenc

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