Can you add compostable bags to an EnsoPet?

Can you add compostable bags to an EnsoPet?

Successful composting requires oxygen, moisture, and access to micro and macro-organisms, if the waste is inside a bag there is barrier to these elements, this would slow the process.

Composting bags are often slow to compost and sometimes are “compostable” only in a commercial composting operation where there is regular turning of material and the composting mass reaches relatively high temperature, so quite different to most home composting. It would be good to check with the supplier of the bags as to, in what environment they compost in, if they compost in an inground composter with no heat.

Airflow is very important in an inground composter such as the EnsoPet, these bags could restrict the airflow. There is also limited space in the EnsoPet so depending on how many bags are added to the composter, the EnsoPet could fill up quickly. In which case, it would be good to have a second EnsoPet, or the EnsoPet may have to be relocated. Let us know. If you were to add these bags to an EnsoPet, it would be much better to empty out the waste and add the bag separately as EnsoPet starter will accelerate the composting of these bags.

If you have ever put some compostable bags in your EnsoPet, let us know, we would love to hear from you 😊

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