Can I still use Bokashi One if I don't have a garden?

Can I still use Bokashi One if I don't have a garden?

Composting is the process of recycling organic matter. Once returned to the soil compost enriches soil, helps retain moisture, suppresses plant diseases and pests, reduces the need for chemical fertilisers, and especially with Bokashi One it intrudes valuable microorganisms such as beneficial bacteria and fungi. If you do not have access to soil, it is still great to compost and direct those organics away from landfill.

The Bokashi One Bucket is great for collecting waste if you live in a small home or apartment. The bucket is designed to be stored in the kitchen, it is small and compact, and it has a tight-fitting lid, there are no smells with the lid on, it will not attract insects.

The challenge is what to do with bokashi waste when it is time to empty the bucket? Composting is all about returning this recycled organic matter to the soil. There are options you can still compost with Bokashi One even if you do not have a garden.

The Bokashi One Bucket is quite portable, burying the waste in friends or families garden, is a great option. Community gardens are often happy to take compost, as are schools. Check out a great initiative that matches people who have compost with those people who would like to receive compost.

It is not necessary to wait until the bucket is full before you empty it, especially if you do not produce a lot of waste, empty it as often as you like.

While the concept of Bokashi One is to bury fermented bokashi waste beneath the soil to complete the composting process, it is also ok and is very beneficial to add Bokashi One Waste to other composting systems. With on-ground composters and tumblers, it is important that you follow the instructions that come with these systems. These systems tend to require a bit more managing, they usually require a mixture of “brown” and “green” waste, as well as moisture and turning/mixing the waste. Bokashi One waste would be considered “green” waste. You can even add Bokashi One Waste to a worm farm, as long as you add small quantities of waste to a worm farm, as it might overwhelm the worms, especially if they are not use to this type of waste.

Do you live in an apartment and compost your food waste? Or do you have issues with effectively disposing of your food waste? Share your comments below. If you’re interested in composting your food or pet waste and have questions about how to get started, then leave those questions below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
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