Can food waste be composted in an EnsoPet?

Can food waste be composted in an EnsoPet?

While EnsoPet has been designed to specifically compost pet waste, it is ok to add food waste, if care is taken not to fill it too quickly. Small amounts of food waste once or twice a week would work well, however there is only so much waste an EnsoPet can compost, so you may need multiple units or use another system for food waste such as a Bokashi One Bucket.

Composting needs oxygen, if an EnsoPet fills up very quickly the composting process will slow down. Aerating the waste to improve oxygen flow is of enormous benefit, especially with an inground composter such as the EnsoPet. You can use a garden fork, trowel or what works best is a compost aerator that look like a giant corkscrew. (These are sold at hardware and garden centres)

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