Can You Combine Food & Pet Waste in One Bokashi Compost Bin?

Can You Combine Food & Pet Waste in One Bokashi Compost Bin?

I would like to buy a compost bin. I would like to know if its possible to combine pet waste and food waste into the one bin so as to avoid having two compost bins.

Thank you for your help.

The Bokashi One Bucket is designed for food waste and intended to be kept in the kitchen, some people would not like the idea of collecting pet waste in the kitchen, but there is no reason why you couldn’t. The EnsoPet is intended for collecting pet waste outside, this in an inground composter. The pet waste is added to the composter with EnsoPet starter so it is immediately added to the soil, whereas with the Bokashi One Bucket the waste ferments inside the bucket and at a later stage (when the bucket is full) the waste is then buried under the soil.

EnsoPet Starter is essentially a bokashi mix, however because it's intended use is to compost pet waste, it has a much stronger mix of microbes and a higher carbon content that the Bokashi One Mix.

It would be perfectly fine to add food waste to the EnsoPet and add pet waste to the Bokashi One Bucket, both these system are essentially composters, however you may find that they would fill up too quickly, if you produce very little waste this may not be a problem.

The other factor to consider is what you do with the compost, if you are growing a food garden the Bokashi One has enormous benefits, but we recommend that the EnsoPet is installed away from edible plants. 

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