Can You Compost Pumpkin Seeds?

Can You Compost Pumpkin Seeds?

The simple answer is yes, you can compost pumpkin seeds in a Bokashi One Bucket.

Will They Sprout?

Yes, pumpkin seeds may sprout once the compost is in your garden. If they do, you can easily pull them out, just like you would with weeds.

How to Minimise Sprouting

Grind or chop the seeds before adding them to your Bokashi One Bucket.  This reduces the likelihood of them germinating and makes it easier for the Bokashi One microbes to break them down.

Or Leave them Out

Leaving them out is of course an option, Just because something can be composted it doesn't mean you have to.  It is always a personal choice! 

After adding your kitchen scraps, with or without pumpkin seeds, add Bokashi One Mix and close the lid, the waste will ferment.  

Bury the fermented bokashi waste directly in your garden soil. The microbes and fermentation process ensures the  waste down faster, enriching your soil with life and nutrients.

You can also add the fermented bokashi waste to a traditional compost bin or pile, where it will continue to decompose and contribute to the production of rich compost.

 Happy Composting!


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