Compostable Hessian Sacks

Compostable Hessian Sacks

It’s no wonder hessian is so popular in the garden, not only is it compostable and extremely re-usable, the natural texture of the jute fibers makes it a very attractive addition to any garden.  Here are some great ways to re-use a hessian sack or cloth in your garden - As a mulch, lay it over the soil in-between planning, it will help with moisture retention and to limit erosion of the soil.  Hessian restricts the growth of weeds without the use of chemicals.   Use hessian when planting from seed, laying hessian over newly sown seeds makes them sprout much faster.  Not only does it help keep the area moist by preventing evaporation, it prevents seeds from being washed away when it rains.  Remove the hessian once seeds have sprouted to give seedling enough light.  In winter hessian can be used for wrapping up plants, protecting them from cold winds.   Hessian sacks make great plant pots, they are weather resistant, lightweight, and flexible so plants have room to grow.  Simply fill the sack with soil and plant as you would with a pot.  Because hessian cloth is breathable and adsorbs water it makes a great worm farm blanket and a cover for a compost heap.    

With its natural fibres hessian can also add rustic charm to home interiors.   There are endless ideas for decorating with hessian, such as throw pillows, cushions, a small ottoman, lampshades, tablecloths and runners.   If you are really loving the hessian look, go bigger, use it to reupholster a chair or sofa, hessian curtains will add an understated elegance in any room.   Hessian cloth also gives many craft possibilities, message boards, bags, bottle covers, vase covers, book covers just to name a few.   Of course, hessian sacks are a great way to store some produce such as potatoes, onion and garlic.  We are pleased to offer Bokashi One Mix and EnsoPet Stater packaged in hessian sacks! Let us know how you re-use your sacks!

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