Composting in Clay Soils


Composting in clay soils poses its own set of challenges, yet with careful attention and the right approach, it can significantly improve soil structure. EnsoPet is an in-ground composter tailored for pet waste.  While the process will be slower, it is still possible to compost with an EnsoPet in Clay Soil.

 Here are some key tips for successful EnsoPet composting in clay soils:

  1. Prioritise Aeration: Composting requires oxygen, but clay soil tends to become airlocked. Regularly aerate the waste inside the EnsoPet, ideally on a weekly basis or more frequently if possible. This practice prevents compaction and fosters a thriving environment for beneficial microbes. The EnsoRator proves to be an excellent tool for effectively aerating the waste.


  1. Moderate Moisture Levels: While some moisture is necessary for composting, clay soil tends to retain water. Avoid overwatering by ensuring the EnsoPet lid remains closed and add water sparingly.


  1. Incorporate Beneficial Additions: EnsoPet Starter packs a punch with beneficial microorganisms, accelerating waste breakdown and enhancing soil structure. Consider adding gritty materials such as sand or small stones to improve drainage. Gypsum can also be a valuable addition, aiding in clay breakdown and drainage enhancement. Introducing worms to the composting process further boosts efficiency and nutrient cycling.


  1. Monitor Capacity: If the EnsoPet fills up quickly and composting seems sluggish, it's essential to adjust the waste input. Reduce or stop adding waste until the composting process becomes more efficient. Installing additional EnsoPets can help with this, or just don’t compost all the waste, composting some waste is better than composting none at all.


By implementing these strategies and adapting to the unique characteristics of clay soils, EnsoPet composting can be a good solution managing pet waste effectively while improving soil health

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