Composting With No Garden

Composting can pose challenges for apartment dwellers, or homes with little or no garden.  Returning organic waste to the soil is what composting is all about, many gardeners appreciate bokashi compost for its rapid and significant benefits to the soil. However, there are numerous individuals without access to a garden who still wish to compost to divert waste from landfills.

Bokashi One Composting is a great solution for composting with no garden. 

 The Bokashi One Bucket, conveniently sized at 20 litres, can be placed in the kitchen for easy access while continuously adding food waste. Its compact design allows it to be kept on the kitchen floor or in a cupboard, eliminating the need to step outside each time there's food waste to dispose of.  It can also be kept in the laundry or balcony is space is limited in the kitchen.

 While Bokashi One Juice serves as an excellent liquid fertiliser for plants, it also doubles as an effective drain cleaner, thanks to its beneficial microbes. It can be poured directly down the kitchen or bathroom sink after draining from the bucket, benefiting both the drain and waterways.

 The time it takes to fill the Bokashi One Bucket varies based on the types and amounts of food consumed. Eventually, it will need to be emptied, posing a slight challenge for those without a garden. However, there are several options available. The portable nature of the Bokashi One Bucket, equipped with a tight lid, allows it to be easily transported for emptying.

  • ShareWaste, is an awesome app/website connecting people who wish to compost their food scraps with neighbours willing to accept compostable waste.
  • Seek out friends, family members, or community gardens willing to accept compostable waste. Bokashi waste doesn’t have to be buried under the soil, it can be added to other composting systems, such as worm farms, tumblers, and above ground composters. Bokashi One waste will significantly enhance these systems due to the beneficial microbes in the Bokashi One Mix.
  • Consider having two buckets in rotation: one to fill while the other is emptied. This can be convenient if the bucket is being left somewhere to empty.
  •  A worm farm on a balcony is a great companion composter to Bokashi One. Or maybe there are communal grounds in an apartment complex where a tumbler or above ground composer, or worm farm could be set up as a companion to a Bokashi One.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions!

Happy Composting.

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