Get Your Soil Ready for the Planting Season – Composting with Microbes

As the vibrant colours of summer begin to fade, it’s a great time to prepare soil for winter planting.    The key to a thriving garden is healthy soil, and what better way to achieve that than through composting with microbes.  Both Bokashi One and EnsoPet Composting add billions of beneficial microorganisms to your soil.  Beneficial microorganisms play a crucial role in promoting soil health and supporting plant growth –

 Nutrient Cycling:

Beneficial microbes decompose organic matter in the soil, converting complex compounds into simpler forms and facilitating the release of essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium for improved plant accessibility.

 Improved Soil Structure:

Microorganisms create substances that form stable soil aggregates, improving structure for enhanced water infiltration and retention, thereby reducing erosion risk.

 Disease Suppression:

Beneficial microbes naturally combat pathogens, suppressing soil-borne diseases and inducing plant resistance for enhanced disease resilience.

Plant Growth Promotion:

Microbes produce growth-promoting substances that stimulate  root development and overall plant growth, while also enhancing nutrient uptake for increased strength and productivity.

Control of  Pests:

Beneficial microbes work like natural pesticides, they help to control harmful insects and pests, by establishing a balance in the soil ecosystem

Soil Aeration and Gas Circulation

Certain microbes enhance soil aeration by creating channels and tunnels, promoting optimal gas exchange for a balanced oxygen and carbon dioxide environment.

Beyond diverting waste from landfills, composting with Bokashi One and EnsoPet contributes positively to your soil. Now is the time to get your soil ready and you will reap the rewards. 


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