Waste Matters

Waste Matters

Sydney produces 1000 tonnes of dog waste each day. Most people buy plastic bags specifically for their pet's waste, destined for the landfill. How do we stop impacting the world and turn our pet's waste in to ecological fertiliser?

It's not as radical as you might think. Recycling pet waste is common all over the world, and has proven to be an incredibly effective way to live sustainably with your pet. What's more is that you're half way there already! It's safe to say that all pet owners have had experience in handling and disposing their pet's waste. So why not dispose of it thoughtfully? 

Let's start with why you should care about your paw print on the world. 

The land required to produce the energy and resources required for a large dog are equivalent to that of a four-wheel drive Land Rover. Pet food alone requires hundreds of millions of tonnes of meat and grain, contributing to carbon emissions. While the environmental impact of the pet industry is unavoidable, you can be eco-friendly at home by recycling your pet’s waste.

When you consider that there are 4.2 million pet dogs, 3.3 million pet cats, and 1.3 million pet guinea pigs and rabbits in Australia, it's easy to see why the issue of their waste disposal is becoming increasingly prominent. The average dog deposits approximately 7 tonnes of waste in its lifetime, which (if it’s all disposed of in plastic) could require up to 15,000 plastic bags. This averages out to 2-3 plastic bags per day, per dog. 

These are then disposed of in landfills, where conditions prevent pet waste from decomposing properly. It could be up to several years before there is decomposition begins - if at all.

It’s important that you dispose of your pet’s waste carefully and responsibly, as it has been known to contain bacteria which can be harmful to humans, particularly children. By failing to pick up the poop, you could be exposing your garden, local park, waterways or general environment to these bacteria. 

By composting your pet waste with EnsoPet, you are keeping it out of reach of any human contact. The microbe mix is specifically designed to decompose pet waste safely, creating a nutrient rich, organic fertiliser. This fertiliser is perfect for use on the ornamental plants in your garden, and the supply is endless! It's safe for families, your neighbours, and our environment, leaving you with a clean garden and thriving plants. What's not to love? 

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