Winter Gardening Activities to Warm both Body and Spirit 🌿❄️

Winter Gardening Activities to Warm both Body and Spirit 🌿❄️

Winter is here, and the cooler weather and crisp air offer a perfect chance to get productive in the garden. When it’s cold outside, I love working in the garden; it quickly warms both my body and spirit.🌬️🌸

 Here are some activities to keep your green thumb active throughout the cooler months:

 Prune Your Plants:✂️🌳

 Trees and Shrubs: Prune dormant trees and shrubs to promote healthy growth in spring.

Roses: Prune roses to about one-third of their height, removing dead, damaged, or diseased branches. Thin out crowded growth to improve airflow and light penetration, and shape the plant into a well-balanced, open, vase-like structure.

 Mulch and Fertilize:🌱🪴

Use EnsoEarth Good Grow to fertilise your garden, providing beneficial microbe, nutrients and Bio-Stimulants


Compost with Bokashi One to enrich your soil with beneficial microbes. These microbes are crucial for the health of your soil and garden, helping plants to thrive by improving soil structure and fertility.

Turn your compost: Turning or aerating compost will significantly speed up the composting process.  EnsoRator is the perfect tool for the job. 

 Weed Control:🌾🧤

Get stuck into weed control. Weeding by hand is very effective, especially when the soil is damp, making it easier and more rewarding.

 Relocate Plants:🏡🌷

 Consider relocating plants that have outgrown their space or are not thriving. Moving them while dormant will minimise the stress of the move.

 Start Something New:🐾🌿

If you have a pet, install an EnsoPet inground composter specifically designed for composting pet waste. It's an eco-friendly way to manage pet poo and enrich your garden soil.

 Stay warm and enjoy your winter gardening activities!☕🌟

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