Now I am getting juice, what can I do with my juice?

Bokashi juice contains nutrients from the food waste and is alive with micro-organisms so it makes a terrific, free fertiliser! But…. BOKASHI JUICE MUST BE DILUTED PRIOR TO USE IN THE GARDEN. READ ON!

It is very strong so must be diluted with water at a 100:1 ratio, that's 100 parts water to 1 part bokashi juice, approximately 2 teaspoons of juice for every litre of water.

You can also pour the concentrated Bokashi juice directly into kitchen and bathroom drains, toilets, and septic systems. It will help prevent algae build-up and control odour. And as a huge bonus, it contributes to cleaning up our waterways as the good bacteria compete with the bad bacteria!

Bokashi juice is best if drained often (twice weekly) and used immediately.