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Bokashi One buckets provide a way for easy kitchen composting, allowing you to transform your food waste into a nutrient rich compost. The essence of the Bokashi One system is the combination of the specifically designed air tight bucket and the microorganisms in the Bokashi One Mix. Bokashi One products meet high standards and are a premium quality.

The Bokashi one bucket is an airtight container used for Bokashi composting, a fermentation process that composts kitchen scraps, including meat and dairy. It utilises beneficial microorganisms to break down waste into nutrient-rich compost, making it ideal for small spaces and odour-free composting.


  • Specifically designed air-tight bucket
  • Each bucket comes with an airtight lid, tap, handle and internal grate. 
  • Internal grate separates the solid waste from the bokashi liquid
  • Includes tap that allows the juice to be easily drained
  • Portable design with handle


  • Material: HDPE and LDPE with some recycled plastic
  • Dimension: approximately 30 x 30 x 41 - 20 Litre Capacity
  • Colour:  Black, White and Tan (Green lid)



  • Food waste is layered with a sprinkle of Bokashi One Mix in the Bokashi One Bucket
  • Microorganisms in the Bokashi One Mix ferment the waste inside the air-tight bucket
  • The fermented waste reduces in volume as water content drains through the grate at the bottom of the bucket, creating fantastic Bokashi One Juice
  • Bokashi juice is bursting with microorganisms and can be used in the garden, on indoor plants, and as an eco-friendly natural cleaner for drains and septic systems
  • When the bucket is full, bury the fermented waste beneath the soil in the garden to complete the composting process
  • Waste breakdown is rapid thanks to the micoorganisms present in the Bokashi One Mix.
  • The compost returns valuable nutrients back into the soil to help maintain soil quality and reduce your impact on the environment
  • 30 Day No Hassle returns
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • Regional Business
  • Vegan
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